Heavy Red Bound by Time Parisian Military Olive Hoodie. Straight out of the streets of Paris circa 1930 mixed with modern edge comes the Bound by Time Parisian Military Hoodie. This incredibly unique design gives you a refined dominance while adding the innocent sexuality of one of the most beautiful decades. Smooth and silky, you'll never want to take it off. The hooded olive sweater has an amazing heroin chic fit as the fabric drapes and hangs perfectly from you. The soft and warm olive sweater shirt has extra long sleeves and thumb holes, as well as a hood. The front of the hoodie has a revealed upper chest. Perfect for showcasing a necklace, tattoo, and of course, cleavage. The front of the hoodie is adorned with faux leather appliqued straps. This gives a hint of military sexy, with a flattering slimming waistline. The new Fall hoodies have a button neck closure so you can get your hoodie over your hairdo with no problem. This simple design is so bold and iconic, it will make your presence known and admired.
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